Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Theoretical Research Framework

The objective of this research is to further develop Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management Theory on Value Creation in e-Business, by exploring features of Web 2.0 and it’s underlying value drivers and business models. By looking at Entrepreneurship Research and Strategic Management Research on value creation we can make a framework that is useful for our research. Value creation specifically in e-business is a topic that has not been addressed often. An article of Amit and Zott (Amit 2001) is relevant and it’s findings show four value drivers in e-Business. This research will extent this research by looking at the value drivers in Web 2.0, based on preliminary research. Figure 2. visualizes the position of this research.

Figure 2. Overview Research Framework

Amit, R. a. Z., C. (2001). "Value Creation in E-Business." Strategic Management Journal 22: 493-520.

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